The beauty of light

It’s amazing what light can do.

Four of the bulbs in my living room were out, so for the last three months I’ve had to re-adjust to the dim glow of the two bulbs which were basically tasked with the plight of doing the work of six bulbs.

In the beginning it was a little shocking and difficult but eventually my eyes acclimatised. But today when all six bulbs were replaced and the light came on, I had to hold my breath. It was just incredible.

The light flooded the entire expanse of the room and seemed to be filling up every corner and space it could find, cleaning it up, chasing away every bit of darkness. The room came alive, danced even, in buoyancy and brilliance. Every speck of air in the room met head on with every speck of light, matching each other strength for strength, energy for energy and beauty for beauty until they coalesced into one.

Like I said, it was just incredible. It reminded me of how little we appreciate light, and how knowledge and truth have similar characteristics. They chase away the darkness and bring clarity, order and beauty.

I enjoy waking up in the morning and watching day light take centre stage and just bathe the whole earth in light. It’s so powerful. There is nothing that can hide under the light…from the helpless leaf of the maple tree to the majestic, soaring eagle; everything is laid bare and open.

Have you ever noticed how your spirit lifts when you’re surrounded by darkness and then light suddenly appears? Well, unless of course you’re a vampire. In that moment it offers hope, a kind of assurance that everything is going to be alright. That’s what I love about light…the assurance of purity, safety, warmth and hope that it embodies and brings forth from its very core. There’s just nothing quite like it.

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