Catching fire

It’s ironic.

I’m listening to hauntingly beautiful classical music – Debussy, Delius, Mozart, Rodrigo, Beethoven all brought together in a collection of blessed tranquillity. I’m transported to another world. In my mind, I’m walking bare feet in a meadow; feeling the wind on my face as I admire creation from the highest of mountains; taking a walk along the river in the rain as I follow the winding paths of a valley.

Peace. Tranquil. Calm. This is what I feel.

But my rebellious mind wants to speak of something totally opposite – fire, combustion, energy, passion.

I just finished reading Karen Kissane’s brilliant book, WORST OF DAYS. In it she chronicles the devastation that happened on the 7th of February 2009 when parts of Victoria burst into flames. 173 people died that day in the bush fires.

The book re-tells the stories and experiences of different people that fateful day – the shock, terror and loss that will always be that moment in their lives.
As I turned the last page of the book, I couldn’t help but feel an incredible mixture of emotions: sadness for the devastation but at the same time, unashamed awe of fire’s relentless power.

Fire is fascinating. The energy it wields and produces creates a self-sustaining system. Fire feeds off itself. Its ability to enhance itself means the bigger it gets, the bigger it gets.

What does this have to do with you…or me? Well, I feel…let me rephrase that…I am certain that there is a powerful principle we can learn. And that is, just as physical fire sustains itself; non-physical fire is also governed by laws that allow it to sustain itself. Some people call this non-physical fire life’s force. I call it passion.

Fire is not shy, timid or apologetic. It is chaotic but orderly at the same time. Its power lies in its complete understanding of its own purpose. Fire never deviates from its design. Even then, it needs the right conditions to thrive.

Like fire, passion can be incoherent. It is that force that spurs you on regardless. It sustains dreams and gives life a certain framework. Without it, life is like an unstable boat with no real sense of direction. This is why passion is power because used wisely and correctly, it is life changing. It brings a clarity and resourcefulness that is an absolute requirement for anyone who wants to soar rather than walk through life.

So what is passion? Passion is fire.

My hope is that you will be filled with a passion for your life and future; that you will use every opportunity given you to develop your talents and skills to the best you can; that you will not be timid or afraid to let your passion guide you. You know where you need to go in life. Just trust.

I hope you catch fire today.

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