Learning backwards

Sometimes valuable life lessons come with pain but…they don’t have to.

I am at the moment being forced to learn one such lesson that I could have completely avoided. It’s true what they say about bad habits – there is always a day of reckoning.

I’ve been nursing back pain for the last eight or so months but this past week the entire left section of my upper back exploded in physical protest. I was in excruciating pain. I thought, “I’m too young for this!”

I was terrified.

You see, my back issue is one I have participated in creating courtesy of my bad habits. Since I started my student life in 2006, my health has been the furthest thing from my mind. I’ve carried bags overloaded with books heavy as stone on this same shoulder that is now threatening to give way. I have sat on a bad chair in a bad way in front of my computer night and day working away with no real, tender regard for my back. I have neglected to eat or even sleep many a time while sitting in that same bad chair. My posture is pitiful to say the least.

So now I’m being eloquently reminded that what we sow is truly what we reap. This is a living breathing principle.

As I lay on my bed on Saturday morning, I couldn’t help but feel desperate for wellness in my body. That wellness that I have for so long taken for granted. This is possibly what some people go through every day of their lives – that desperation to be well and ailment free. Can you even begin to imagine what that is like?

My desire to understand and appreciate good health has led me Louise L. Hay’s book, YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. She says some pretty unconventional but powerful things. For instance, our physical health is almost always a manifestation of our inner health. So, upper back problems, she claims, are an indication of feeling unloved, lack of emotional support and holding back love. And you know what’s crazy? That is exactly how I have been feeling these last few weeks! This revelation took me completely by surprise.

You don’t have to tune in to Louise Gray’s ramblings but at least appreciate that your body is totally in sync with your mental and emotional health. That you have to treat them as one…and with respect. That you can heal your life before that day of reckoning comes by letting go of bad health habits you may have collected along the way. That you get it right, now. That unlike me, you can avoid learning backwards.

You have goals and dreams to pursue and achieve, and in this journey you take, your health is your greatest asset. So please…

Be in the present. Be healthy inside and out.

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