Birthday thoughts

Today is the day I was born.

It’s no big deal really. Personally, I feel mothers should get all the glory and honour on days like these. They are the ones who nurtured us, carried us and gave birth to us.

But…this is not to say I do not appreciate all the warm, fuzzy thoughts loved ones are sending my way, the lovely messages, the beautiful wishes and the love evident in these gestures – I do. And I thank you.

What do you often think about on your birthday?

Are you one of those people who go, “woe is me, I’m getting old!” I sure hope not because that is a sad perspective to have.

There is a beauty in getting older that I feel is greatly overlooked. Society has become obsessed with youth and being young. Wisdom and true beauty only come with age and experience. These are the things that last. Youth is only temporary.

As I write this I’m seated out in the garden reflecting on days gone by and the ones that lie ahead. The sun is generously pouring its magnificent light and warmth right into my face. There is this harmony in the garden that is truly astounding. It’s like every living thing in here, every sight and sound is perfect in its existence.

Nothing is out of place – the birds with their unrehearsed but flawless chirping, the bees with their fat little bottoms scurrying around in pure busyness, the rustling grass. Even the tiny lemon tree with its delectable fruit. Everything is where it should be. Nature is just brilliant at co-existing. This is what I wish my years ahead – a way to exist and function with everything that surrounds me. To be fully there.

On our drive home from the Physiotherapist this morning, I saw a Chestnut tree. I believe it was my first. There it stood gracefully on a quiet, lonely street. Its fruit scattered beneath it in a surprisingly artistic way. It was as though somebody actually took the time to arrange those spiny but strikingly coloured fruits. There was something about that sight of the Chestnut tree that stirred this soft soul of mine.

I thought what a beautiful image to be blessed with on one’s birthday! That is my gift and I will store it up for a rainy day.

Speaking of gifts, my Dad had this thing of giving something on his birthday instead of receiving. I’m going to continue that legacy of his.

So today I want to give you a gift.

It’s a commitment to be true to my purpose as a way of encouraging you to be true to yours. A commitment to be faithful, honest and vulnerable with life so I can share with you what I learn. My hope is that you will be inspired to step out with a spring in your step as you learn to conquer your fears and LIVE.

Think happy thoughts today. And remember what lasts.

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