Love never fails

This is the title of the song that is giving me goose bumps at the moment.

It’s by Brandon Heath and each time I listen to it, every scale around my heart melts away and tightened chains anywhere within my being loosen up.

It is simple yet so very beautiful and profound. I could not resist sharing it with you.

Here are the lyrics:

“Love is not proud. Love does not boast. Love after all matters the most.
Love does not run. Love does not hide. Love does not keep locked inside.
Love is a river that flows through. Love never fails you.
Love will sustain. Love will provide. Love will not cease at the end of time.
Love will protect. Love always hopes. And Love still believes when you don’t.
Love is the arms that are holding you. Love never fails you.
When my heart won’t make a sound. When I can’t turn back around. When the sky is falling down. Nothing is greater than this…greater than this.
Because love is right here. Love is alive. Love is the way, the truth, the life.
Love is the river that flows through. Love is the arms that are holding you. Love is the place you will fly to. Love never fails you.”

There is nothing more real and true than what these words encapsulate.

I hope you can take the time to appreciate the simplicity…but also understand the sheer power that is Love.

That you will be grateful for the ability and opportunity to give and experience it.

That you will fill your life with this one thing in the entire world that will NEVER fail you.

I wish you love today.

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