Eating apples

I had an apple today.

Now, I know that in the larger scheme of things, this is an insignificant detail. But I will justify myself by adding that I haven’t had an apple in weeks! 🙂

So to me, the moment was special.

That first bite was mouth-watering. The fine-grained, white flesh of the apple was crispy and crunchy. It was overloaded with freshness and sweetness. Combined with that unique apple smell…of after rain flowers and blossoms, the flavour and textures that exploded in my mouth were absolutely delectable.

Halfway through my apple-eating escapade, I became aware of the moment. Despite all the things that were urgently calling out for me on my-to-do list, I was in the present. And so I made an effort to focus on that simple task of enjoying my apple.

It made me wonder about how rarely we take the time to appreciate the simple aspects of our lives…the so called insignificants.

If you are living in a very metropolitan city like me, you know just how busy life can get. There is always something to do…something crying out for our attention. And thus we often get lost in the hustle and bustle of trying to make a living. But like I keep reminding myself, being busy is not a sure sign of a quality life.

And quality is what we should be aiming for in all of life.

The everyday simple things are valuable because they have the power to affect our attitude and what indeed is a quality life without the right attitude?

The two are inseparable. Quality can be staring us in the face but without that right attitude, we will not see it.

For instance, I used to hate making the bed every morning. I thought it was one of the worst chores invented to punish me. It had the potential to get me into a bad attitude and on many occasions, it did.

As my thinking changed, I realised that making the bed was not really the issue…I was. I slept in the bed, so of course I should be the one to make it. I came to see and appreciate the daily opportunity to straighten what I had made crooked. As a result of my new attitude, that time I spent making the bed became a time to meditate on the day that lay ahead of me.

I began to see the inherent quality of the time spent spreading my doona and fluffing my pillows. It became an opportunity to make and straighten my attitude as well.

I’m not saying I jump for joy when it’s time to make the bed, no, but I don’t get peeved about it either. And to me, that is not insignificant.

Ultimately, we each have to come to a place where we make the decision as to whether we will focus on our awareness such that each walk we take, each sunset, each hot shower, each conversation we have and each apple we eat is a new experience and not a replay of past events.

It is this kind of attitude that will give us the ability to recognise the quality in the daily, seemingly insignificant things.

So, my challenge to you today, is that the next time you have the privilege of eating an apple, you will savour the moment…and not just the moment but the apple itself.

2 thoughts on “Eating apples

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