My office is on the fifth floor.

I can see much of Melbourne from up here. I can see the sky – gray and foreboding, much like the turn my mood has taken in the last few hours.

There is a cloud of heavy fog enveloping Melbourne city’s skyline. I’m watching as each skyscraper gets swallowed up and disappears. The atmosphere seems intensely upset.

The fog is steady and so sure of itself.

Talking to a friend yesterday, she mentioned how she has been watching my growth since I arrived in Australia. She exclaimed that I’ve been progressing successfully and steadily.

Her comment made me stop and think. It’s coming back to me now, as I watch the angry sky.

Do I feel successful? Do I feel steady? Am I sure and steady as that fog?

I don’t consider myself a very patient person and being the passionate soul I am, I want things to explode in progressive growth around me. I mean I want to be out there, involved in big things; making a contribution; changing the world…NOW. But it’s not quite happening like that.

I’m learning that there is a lot of preparation that goes into big dreams like these or even just the decision to live your best life. Such commitments demand patience and perseverance. And these are qualities we are not usually born with. We have to learn them, and therein lies the challenge.

The gray clouds are breaking up now, leaving behind glimpses of blue sky. I’m amazed at how quiet they are, and yet they infuse the whole expanse with their presence and they have the power to command silence and awe at their stunning transformations. They are so unpredictable but admirably steady in their course.

When you are steady you are constant, unbroken in your stride, and persistent. And when you are constant, it doesn’t matter how small the steps you take…in time, you will reach your destination.

This is what I have to remind myself constantly. And today, as I remind myself, I’m reminding you too.

So, even when things are not going your way; or they are not coming together as quickly as you would like them to; and even when the people around you don’t seem to get what you’re about, you just need to keep at it.

It will all come together and when it does, it will be well worth the wait.

Don’t fret. Be steady.

Everything will work out just fine…for you and for me.

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