Sacred space

Last Sunday, I was happily watching a Travel show on one of these Australian channels when I, unfortunately, got a glimpse of a disturbing advertisement for a new TV drama that will be airing in the coming few weeks.

I found the trailer for this new show sickly. It was full of violence, dirty sex, blood, murder, impurity, drugs, and loose women. One particular scene that seared me was of a couple having sex while covered blood. The show is one of those underworld dramas apparently based on a true story. Even then, who in their right mind would want to re-tell such a story and glamorize it this way?

I was grossly disturbed. I felt assaulted…mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. And this was also evident in my dreams that night. They were muddled, dark and frightening.

Now, I am not trying to sound like a Miss perfect here but my reaction to this show is an indication that our minds and bodies can detect elements that are not conducive to our wellbeing. Clearly, there is a certain kind of life that only leads to degeneration and that is not the way I want to go.

It got me thinking about something I have been putting off for a number of weeks now. I have been meaning to become extra selective about what I watch. Not that I watch shows like the above but if we all had to be honest with ourselves, even the seemingly innocent shows we tend to watch have some very weird things in them. But often we would rather not say what disturbs us about our world and culture.

Anyway, I figured most of these TV programmes don’t really add any value to my life. My reasoning? Well…it’s because I have to realise that my life should be sacred.

Now, the word sacred scares most people.
This is because in their minds, it tends to conjure up images of religionistic containment; a kind of ritualistic formal imprisonment. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Under its entry for sacred, the Collins English Thesaurus has the following synonyms; inviolable, protected, hallowed, unalterable.
Thus, essentially, sacred has nothing to do with religion per say but more with what is allowed or permitted into a particular space or area; how that particular space is protected; and how one behaves in relation to that space.

What I have come to see is that the one environment you interact with the most is your own life (thoughts, ideas, opinions, actions). Your life is your habitat, your space and it has to be in a condition that supports and nurtures you.

You constantly have to ask yourself what kind of habitat you are creating for yourself.

Yes, the world is beautiful but it is also full of sick things; sick sights, sounds, images, ideas, feelings, opinions and untruths which we’ll undoubtedly come into contact with once in a while. However, this contact is not one to be taken lying down. A line must be drawn somewhere.

My life is a sacred space.
I want it to be a place where purity is the norm and not the exception; a place where love, joy, goodness, out-going concern, greatness of spirit, mind and character are the rule; and a place where God, without hesitation can call His home.

Your life too, is a sacred space. I hope you will treat it like one.

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