The moments to live for

Moments to live for

My bedroom carpet is a gorgeous, café au lait.

It makes me think of oatmeal and wholesomeness – the kind you feel right to the very bottom of your belly.

This is where I sit when I write.

It’s where I sit when I read.

It’s where I sit when I meditate.

It’s also where I sit when I bleed and pour out my soul in tears.

I feel supported, held, comforted and grounded on my carpet floor.

And when I pick up my pen and follow its gentle and sometimes violent strokes across the empty canvas of a white page, I lose myself.  I am most alive in this space…in this moment.

I am surrounded by open books and words; other people’s and my own, and the ones that burst forth out of the earth to connect with mine. I sit in this noisy silence and everything in me vibrates with a life I cannot name. This is the moment I am expelled into being. I am born and crazy in love with the music my soul makes when it comes alive.

This is one of the moments I breathe for.

Life is short.

And on top of that, it’s not even guaranteed that we’ll get to live out the entirety of it. It’s not morbid, it’s just the way it is; reality in its starkest of states.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately.

We are such an ungrateful lot, us humans. Me, especially.

We always want more time on earth and yet we miss the moments that add up to make up that time. We’re always looking for that thing on the other side and yet we miss that thing that sits right in front of us.

How did we become so daft?

How did I become so daft?

I’ve been listening to Rob Thomas song Little Wonders, the soundtrack from the movie Meet the Robinsons. And every time I hear it, I try to take in what he’s really saying;

It’s the little things that make up a life; the twists and turns of every day; one moment interwoven into another.

Your life doesn’t come to you in years, it comes to you in seconds, one breath at a time. It’s easy to forget that…I know. But it’s important to remember.

The moments to live for are the moments that remind you that you are alive; that you are blessed and fortunate to see yet another day;

When you open your eyes in the morning and the sunlight comes streaming through the window to kiss you goodmorning.

When you’ve got someone to share breakfast with and you tell them about that strange dream you had last night.

When you make the bed perfectly, the first time.

When the bathroom mirror fogs up but you can still see how beautiful you are.

When your body delights and says thank you for keeping it warm and making it look so pretty in that yellow sweater.

When your legs do what they were designed to do – every muscle and ligament loving you into beautiful movement.

When you can see all the beauty that surrounds you.

When you can hear the breathtaking sounds that live and play in the air; whispers, rustling grass, sighs, birdsongs, train tracks, heartbeats, boiling water…

When your heart swells because you love someone so much you can’t breathe.

When you sit quietly on a lonely bench in the park content with the peace.

When you’re having such a hard time and someone sends an encouraging note that touches your soul.

When you get that pat “well done” from a friend who knows just how hard you work.

When hope triumphs over despair.

When you find someone who chooses to love you over and over and over again until forever.

When you watch a sunrise or sunset.

When your eyes meets a stranger’s and you acknowledge each other with a smile fully grasping that you are both human beings travelling the same journey.

These are the moments.

These are the moments that collect together to form our lives. And to make the best of our time we need to see these moments and live each one as though it were vitally important. Otherwise we miss the whole point of the bigger picture.

These moments are precious, quiet as they may be. And they have the capacity to infuse us with joy if we grasp that each moment is a free gift – and nothing we have earned of ourselves.

These are the moments to live for.

There will be big things too…yes, but these little moments are the moments that are spread out across the tapestry of your life.

I hope you can learn to find joy in them. I’m on a mission to learn just that.


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