Finding your sticky date pudding

Sticky date pudding

I love watching the sky.

Very often you get a spectacle. Blood red streams of light that swallow you up into their depths. Cascading heavy-weight gray clouds framing the beauty of twilight.

Creation is full of works that leave one breathless with awe. Inspiring work that speaks of depth and simplicity in the same moment. Sunrises and sunsets are routine, right? But somehow they manage to be spectacles every single time. That is the kind of work that reeks of grace and joy.

I marvel at God’s ability to do that – to work and create beauty as He works. This is what convinces me that work should be enjoyable and fulfilling. It is an important part of our lives. We spend nearly three quarters of our waking moments working. So if we don’t want to feel like we led a wasted life when we draw our last, we need to make sure we do work that is connected to who and what we are. We have the opportunity to create beauty with what we do with our lives and our hands.

Of course it doesn’t always work out like that. I know. Nor is it that simple or easy.

Most of us end up working to survive; to get a paycheque at the end of the week/month so we can feed ourselves and those who depend on us. This is noble.

But purpose should never be sacrificed for nobility.

Because purpose is what makes any life worthwhile. Without it our life and our work tends to feel meaningless.

Many people think of purpose as this heavy thing hanging over one’s head. It’s actually more flavoursome than that. It’s like sticky date pudding – thick, sweet and sticky. Filling and enjoyable. Heavy, too.

When your soul is welling up in sweetness and stickiness, you are in the perfect place to create work that is artistic, beautiful and your very own.

Maybe sticky date pudding is not the best analogy but I keep thinking about the yumminess I feel when I’m doing what I need to be doing. But it also feels sticky and heavy…in a wholesome kind of way.

Finding your sticky date pudding is not all sweet though. It can be sticky and sticky and sticky. And most of us don’t like sticky.  Sticky can be hard and irritating.

To do work that comes from this place of sublime gooeyness begins with knowing who you are.

My heart is always tethering on the edges. There is no safety net. And that’s ok. When I fly, I aim for the outer limits of the skies; I aim for the stars. When I fall, I fall flat and hit my head. There is no half-flying or half falling for me, unfortunately. In-between spaces are spaces I do not naturally occupy.

Age and growth is of course tempering me, but in my rawest of states, I am a woman of extremes. This is good. It is also bad.  But that’s ok too. I appreciate the correction and reminders that come from the bad. And I love the energy that flows endlessly from the good.

This is what my heart is full of – the hot desire to do every little thing to the best of my ability.  To do work that is fulfilling. This is where my sweet stickiness is grounded. And for me that means creating my own path and choosing between working for money and working for growth. I’ll choose growth any day. But I want BOTH, of course!

To find your sticky date pudding, you have to have your heart intimately hinged to your mind. This is the only state of being that will equip you with the tools to create work of lasting beauty and fulfilment.

And remember, works of beauty and fulfilment are not only the pretty and dazzly things but the dark and difficult things too.

I’m finding my pudding and because I’m so beautiful like that, my pudding is for sharing with others.

And that is precisely the exquisiteness of sticky date pudding; you can have it and share it all at the same time.



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