Smash, bang right into you

IMG_8366NB inside PillowStack

If there is a me, there must be a you. Another version of me.

With eyes of emerald green & arms strong enough to hold me through all the joy & pain of forever. I can rest my head on your heart & hear it beating through your cotton shirt. Knowing you’re flesh & real & here.

There is magic in your fingertips, burning love & acceptance into the thick of me. Into the very bones of me. I can count on you to stand on my shoulders & I on yours. Always my biggest fan. Always my biggest critic. My lover. My friend.

You are a man. Another version of me. And I want to run to you…run so fast, smash, bang, right into you. Our atoms disintegrating as they die in each other’s arms only to be sparked back to life as they hook into each other. Hooks made of heart & soul. Tough stuff of diamonds & gold. We become one as we remain separate.

I don’t know any other kind of love than the real kind. I don’t know how else to love. My Mother didn’t teach me. Instead she stitched deepness into my skin & taught me to breathe passion for oxygen. This is what I know & this is the only way I know to love.

It’s all-consuiming & powerful. reckless in its holding & loving of you. I know it.

I want to own you without possessing you.
I want to delight you without losing myself.
I want to love you with every bone in my body actively knowing that it is so.

I will make you pancakes on Sundays. write to you of strawberries & life every Monday through Friday. And on Friday nights, I will lay my head on your lap as you read me of how David slew the giant & God’s majesty in the life of His people.

There will be dishes to be washed. Beds to be made. Finances to be managed. & meals to be cooked. the daily grind of you & me & our home. You & I have got that covered.

There will be moments of bliss – love to be made, hands to be interlinked in silence & wonder. There will be moments of discord – but you & I will never leave each other in doubt that we are doing our best & that we are continuing to try. You & I will not leave it broken in our house.

You come first for me. I come first for you.
& God comes first for both of us.

Our love will grow & soar in the blue & night sky. It will reside in shooting stars that create magic as they travel the expanse of the universe.

I want to love you like that. No holding back. No fear. Right into the depths of you. Even into the place where you wrestle with & come into your manhood. Where words will sometimes not be needed. It will be enough that I am there. That you are there.

I am so into you. I am. Smash, bang, right into you.

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