The wonder of it all


Fill my cup with hot chocolate. Fill it to the brim. Let the rich, sweet & decadent froth run over. And I will sit here & love your face off.

We can sit quietly, hands on lap & listen to each other breathe. Or you can tell me what’s on your mind. It doesn’t matter how small. If it’s on your mind then it must be important to you. Put it on the table, I will listen.

I will trace your heart for you. Maybe not like Da Vinci with the Mona Lisa but I will be this way with you.

You & I walk the streets of the earth. Winding roads of pleasure & pain that burrow us to the edges of the world, winding roads that still bring us back here;- to this moment, sitting here, facing one another wondering what it’s all about.

We wonder why it hurts; why the fear finds a home inside our heads & we can’t feel the skin that delicately hangs over our bones. Somebody convinces us that there is room only for those who are good looking, thin or smart. We take their definitions & run with them – up & down the winding roads of the world & still we end up back here.

Staring at each other.

What if this whole thing is about you?

What if what you think & do is what makes this world a littler darker or brighter? What if you mattered, in all the best & worst parts of you? What if I told you that you are the wonder of it all?

Don’t look away. I meant it. It’s just you & me here, you can take off the layers. I can take off mine. I will trace the beauty of your heart for you.

It means so much to God that you wake each day & try, that you don’t give up when the world is screaming in your ear to do just that. It means so much that you can see…at least the sanctity of your heart – that well-spring of all the stuff that makes you, you.

I will trace it for you –

There is no one like you.

This sounds cliché, as old as rags because it has been uttered & uttered for millennial. Motivational speakers beat it over our heads without mercy. Like you, my instinct is to turn away at the mere sound of it. It disgusts me, it fills me with nausea.

The words have attained celebrity status & have been milked dry.

But forget those people who have used them; people who are wealthy, people who are successful as the world defines success, industry people & experts, writers & young millennials, who have thousands of likes on Facebook because let’s face it – they can afford to say it. Forget them.

Listen to me – this girl who is nothing & has nothing to offer you.

There is no one like you.

As common & washed out as that sounds, it is true. It is so because this is how God designed it to be. We should not build towers to it, thrones or altars. Instead it should fill us with humility & gratitude that we get to live out an existence that is purely unique, purely ours; that we get the chance to be ourselves.

It should fill us with peace. That quiet knowing that all is & will be well because the One who runs the show is in charge. That we are not extras on a movie set – we are the cast, the real thing. This, is the wonder of it all.

Sit here quietly by me. Let me watch your beauty. Let me be mesmerized by it. Let me remind you that it’s there, that I see it, that I can trace it.

To me, you are like a cup of hot chocolate, my favourite thing in the world – rich, sweet & decadent. The wonder of it all is in the tasting of it, the outpouring of it.

2 thoughts on “The wonder of it all

  1. I love this. In my life, I too have lived this. In my life, I too have evaded this. In my life, I am glad there is you.

    There is no one like you. (too)

    Loving you, dear friend…

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