First things first


First things first – this is going to be hard. Sometimes you & I will want to bail out. And we are always free to do so. But the world needs warriors with strong but tender hearts. People who are willing to hold up their torches in the dark so we can see where we are going. So we can bring a little warmth and comfort. So many wounded people out there, so many. And I want to gather all of them together, hold them. Each one, special & rightfully their own self. I want them to be a little less wounded, a little less lonely. That is just how my heart is wired. And I take this responsibility very seriously.

So first things first – we suck at this.

We suck at being human beings. Most of the time. And the sooner we can face this truth in the face, the better for all of us.

There is nothing shameful about it. The only shame exists if we just sit here & pretend this thing don’t matter. If we don’t do what we can.

I was walking around today thinking about what it means to be a human being. Trying to find the perfect words to wrap around you, to entice you with & seal your sweet little hearts to my cause. My feet hurt from all the walking. Then I realised, I didn’t know.

Yes, I said it. I don’t know what it means to be a human being. With all my intellectualism & deep heart knowledge I cannot distil you & me into a wonderful sentence.

I know this though – it’s definitely not some of the things I see in the world. It’s not the unforgivable breach between the rich & poor. It’s not the way the orphans, the children & the widows have no warrior looking out for them. It’s not the way we disregard one another as human beings believing that some are more human than others.

Hell. to. the. no. Being a human being is none of that.

We often forget how interconnected we are. And I don’t mean this in an airy fairy kind of way. But how each person’s presence on the planet has real consequences for another.

We pass each other on streets, in buses, trains, shops. We build things for one another. We sell things to each other. We rub shoulders in queues, on beaches, in parks. We start families together. We fall in love with each other. How can we then be strangers to one another?

There is no strangeness here. We strip that off. Strip it naked. We remember our commonality is stronger. is sacred. And our differences are beautiful, added to be enjoyed & not ridiculed. We start here.

We put away the shame & the fear & the shallowness. We renounce all the ways we don’t know how to be human. I’ll start;

Hello, my name is Sunshine and I used to be a lousy human being. 

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