Friday shots: waiting for trains


I sit on platforms and wait.

I wait for trains. A thousand other people wait with me. Their sounds, I internalise. Their humanity I recognise. For I am a manifestation of the same spaces they dwell in, in their minds. I am them. These people who wait for trains with me have sweat beads dancing on their foreheads, familiar smells of bodies and foaming life.

Even when they offer me unfamiliar, cold stares, they speak of only one thing – flesh & blood. Humanness.

I recline my head and turn my attention back to my writing. I continue waiting for trains. Because I know that as long as I wait, the train eventually comes.

6 thoughts on “Friday shots: waiting for trains

  1. Amazing photo, Sunshine.

    I remember the days prior to running (all the time) with my children – even if only around the house and yard. I remember being able to soak up time and space and others as you do. What a treasured memory.

    1. Thank you darling. My photo skills are so amateur!
      I’m finding that I am doing less soaking up lately. That I have to be intentional about it. So much else on my mind. But like you, I find such a joy in it. It reminds us how alive we are, doesn’t it? xo

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