Dear Monday

Dear Monday,

Don’t bring your blues with you. Leave them at the door before you walk in.

The fullness that has collected in this place will stay. We have our ropes tied close around each other – friendships dipped in gold, lovers and family. We will not despair because you remind us of struggles with jobs and responsibilities drained of passion. We will not secretly wring our hands behind our backs as we walk down the street to the office.

Put on a new cloak. Your place in the week is not to haunt us with dread. You are the door to the starting over of our labours and the creativity we want to fill our work desks with. You are grander than the attitude you hide behind. So stop it.

Show up with celebration. And we will grab you by the hand and make you sit with us, around lace tables as we talk about mastery and love. You lean in and witness your worth to us. You craddle us closer. You can feel the fire in our veins and the way our hearts beat for a life saturated with purpose.

When it is time, you dont have dregs in your cup, you leave fuller than you came. We’ll see you again next week.

Oh, and please leave the door open on your way out…so lovely Tuesday can leisurely stroll in in her pretty skirts. Brand newness for the giving, and for the receiving.

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