A great deal of what I say just leaves me open, I suppose, to a vast amount of misunderstanding. A great deal of what I say is based on an assumption which I hold and don’t always state. You know my fury about people is based precisely on the fact that I consider them to be responsible, moral creatures who so often do not act that way. But I am not surprised when they do. I am not that wretched a pessimist, and I wouldn’t sound the way I sound if I did not expect what I expect from human beings, if I didn’t have some ultimate faith and love, faith in them and love for them. You see, I am a human being too, and I have no right to stand in judgment of the world as though I am not a part of it. What I am demanding of other people is what I am demanding of myself.


3 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Hi you two ❤

    Mikele, meet Tine. She is the beautiful friend I visited in New York when I did my US trip after leaving the Feast (Nashville) in 2012 🙂 Tine, meet Mikele, incredible woman and friend.
    You two would hit it off like match and fire 🙂

    I was so drawn to this quote. I felt it was something I could relate to so powerfully and something I, myself could say if I had Baldwin's ability and capacity with words! I think the quote has been an invisible preface to most of the things I write here.

    Fury is a strong word, yes. But I have been reading up on Baldwin's experiences as a black man in 60s America and Europe (Paris) and I can understand that this is the word he had to use. He was tired and desperate for his humanity to be recognised. And (without God) if you are not human in the eyes of other humans, what else do you have left but fury?


  2. I agree “T.” I was also struck by the “Much of what I say leaves me open.” I have read few who leave themselves as open and vulnerable for all to see as in this blog’s writings. There is indeed a deep-seated courage and determination in this. “Fury,” while strong, seems to fit. What honesty.

  3. Haha I came here thinking it was you who wrote this…I was taken by “my fury”…and wanted to read the rest because “fury” is quite strong a word. Very interesting quote…

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