Understanding Racism in a Post-Racial World

This book addresses the question: how can we talk about race in a world that is considered post-racial, a world where race doesn’t exist?

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“This book is a highly valuable contribution to our understanding of contemporary racism, bringing forward a range of new insights into the dynamics of racialisation through the use of personal narrative and the investigation of new contexts such as airports and supermarkets. A powerful new voice, Sunshine Kamaloni urges us to address the interactions of race and bodies in everyday situations and this book deserves to reach a wide audience.”

Ian Law, Professor at the University of Leeds, UK

“I read and re-read this book. It’s so captivating. Thank you for writing such an honest book.”

Joshua Kalemba

“This book is brilliant.”

Dr. Sam Schlz

“Your book has been an absolute god-send in helping me make sense of many of the things my participants talk about. It’s been a real joy using a really fantastic female African scholar in my work.”

Claire Moran