Friday shots: the thing about strangers


The thing about strangers is that they are strange. In the way strangeness can only be – uncomfortable. The way of crinkled fabric on tender skin  or sawdust on the tongue.

These people we meet and sit together in rooms to do things together we have never done together before. We bump into them on street corners and in alleyways, in coffee shops and hallways of office buildings. We stand next to them in elevators and on escalators, feeling their breath. Smelling them. Every movement they make intensified in our own body.

We grow taut at the intimacy of various coloured bodies that are all around us. We imagine exactly what is not about these bodies precisely because they are separate from us, not our own. It is easy to do that.

I saw a stranger today. As I do every other day.

He crossed the road at just the same time I did. Our feet hitting the white and black lines in the same single moment. The synchronicity of our steps sounded louder than their separateness.

He smiled. I smiled. It was a moment of recognition. I see you. I see you too.

As I walked away I thought only of his smile. The way it tore into my world and made me warm from the inside. I forgot that he was someone I had never met before. A stranger. Instead I fell into his humanness as he and I pulled away from each other.  He was me even as I was him. And there was nothing strange about that. It was familiar. Like coming home.

Because the thing about strangers is that they are us.

Review + thank you + 2013

Thank you

I started blogging in 2010. I was alone and very far from home, in a country that I was struggling to connect with.

I’ve always been able to think better through writing so to help me think through what I was feeling, observing and experiencing, I started to blog. I didn’t set off to inspire people but it was my hope that I would anyway.

To put it into perspective, it has been 3 years. Initially, my readers were mostly family and friends. At one point I had only 3 followers for a very long time. When I stumbled upon other bloggers and their blogs, I was intimidated. They had hundreds, even thousands of followers. I couldn’t help but feel small and insignificant. But I kept at it because I love what I do. I love thinking through my writing and helping others in the process. I live for that.

Today, I have 20 followers. I know that is nothing compared to 40 or 100 but it is something incredibly special to me. And I want to say Thank You to each one of you, my followers, and everyone who stumbles on here once in a while. Your readership means a lot to me.

I write because I’m driven to write but you are the reason I write for. I hope you will stay with me on my journey which has really become our journey now.

I’m finding my voice more and more. And instead of comparing myself to other bloggers and writers, I’m growing into myself and becoming confident in what I have to say and how I say it. I hope you can feel it too, in your own life and on here.

2012 was amazing.

I did a lot of soul work. The work changed me. And I’m never going back.

2013 will be incredible. Because I know. I’m working on a project that I hope to launch by year’s end; something beautiful that will bring hope to some, encouragement to others and affirmation to many. It is my deepest hope. This project will be my labour of love. My desire to do fulfilling work in this world. My gift to you. I will need your support.

And God-willing, my PhD thesis will be nearly complete too 🙂

For this blog, I will be bolder and beautiful. A blog post for you every week is my promise. Another labour of love.

I hope your 2013 is everything you dream of. Not only is it a hope but a prayer of mine too…just for you.

May you be fearless in your endeavours; grand in your plans; lucky in love; successful in your relationships and fulfilled in every important way.

With love.