We are living in a time when it seems like the whole world has woken up to the realities of racism and racial discrimination. But there are still a lot of ways in which this “wokeness” is a mental project. It’s not something people are really embodying, making racial awareness an integral part of who they are.

After studying race for a better part of 10 years, I too, have had to re-evaluate some things I had taken for granted, like the idea that racism is just the way things are, it will never change because it’s difficult for people to understand it and the oppression it creates. This idea meant I could justify bing scared of speaking up or confronting my friends or family who were bing racist to people who looked like me while assuring me I was different to them. Through my own personal, embodied work I have come to see that EVERYONE can and should be anti-racist. It is a basic requirement. And it is a choice we make. And avoiding making the choice IS a choice in itself.

For service businesses, this choice is crucial. Your service reflects your values. Your service reflects you.

My Embodied Equity Program is for you if you’re a woman and leader or business owner and;

  • You want to build an anti-racist business
  • You want to explore and cement your racial awareness
  • You are ready and open to look at yourself
  • You are curious about how race plays a role in your business and work

What I don’t do:

  • Enter into debates about the existence of racism

  • Give you a checklist of what is and isn’t racist

  • Do the work for you or spoon-feed you answers

What I do:

  • Help you create space around race and anti-racism work

  • Help you create self-awareness

  • Help you embody your racial awareness and translate it into your business

  • Help you align your business with values of inclusion and anti-racism

Transformation is a process, not a sprint so my approach uses a feminine lens. We slow down and use a feel- reflection based model. Our thoughts and feelings inform our actions, so the deep work of becoming antiracist is exploring where our thoughts and feelings about race sit and then shifting what needs to be shifted and disrupting what needs to be disrupted. There is a lot of sitting with, going inwards, journaling and self-reflection. If this is not your cup of tea then my program is not for you.

However, if you feel excited about the above then I’m excited to work with you.

How the program works

It’s a tailored 3-month program but you will work in 3 main steps:

Step 1: Self reflexivity

Step 2: Perspective

Step 3: Intention

How the program is delivered

I believe in authenticity, quality and value for money. I’m invested in your progress and I offer my support and guidance throughout the duration of the program. There are about 6 1:1 online debriefing sessions and email support in-between. This program is 40 percent, me and 60 percent, you. Unpacking racial awareness and bias is a personal journey and I’m here only to guide you and offer you a safe space to do. You do most of the heavy lifting. You give yourself this gift of freedom, justice and compassion.



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