The basics


There is something magical about doing what makes your heart sing. I don’t know what it is for you but for me it’s writing. the raw, rough-on-the-edges kind. the deep & soulful kind. I leave traces of my heart in every syllable . always. It begins & ends there for me.

The comfort I find in writing is like no other. there is no naming it. It’s like this pure force that moves right through me, is in me & surrounds me, enveloping me in a cocoon of light. bright & warm.

there is no lying or masquerading when my pen meets the page. it’s like two long lost lovers finding their way back to each other. Into the solid arms of love. there is no room for not trying. because this relationship is worth life itself….

I think on the page. I lay my burdens on the page. I love on the page. I am defiant on the page. I am a warrior on the page.

I write because the pen fits perfectly between my fingers & my heart and mind whisper such tender poetry to each other that it is impossible to ignore. I was born to write. plain & simple. the world, other people & I, myself may push me in all kinds of directions but this is the home I come back to. my default existence.

I hurt at what’s become of the world – the constant competition, the branding of everything including ourselves. the elitism & cliques of creatives breaks my heart. I understand the natural churning of the soul to make a writer’s name for herself. I have that too. I wrestle with that too. The world doesn’t make you forget it’s there. For what is a writer without an audience? It taunts & jeers.

The truth is, I am a writer even on the days I do not get LIKES for my writing.

It’s the getting back to the basics. the saving of the music only my heart can make.

I don’t know why you do what you do but when you have it figured out, i hope you hold it closely dear to your heart; that you will squeeze every essence of it into your being that there will be no telling where you begin & where it ends. you will become your purpose.

It’s the getting back to the basics. the saving of the music only your heart can make.